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AMIN, or the Association of Music Industries Nepal, stands as a bastion of commitment to the

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Our mission is deeply rooted in the empowerment of artists and the creation of unforgettable


The Musicians, Singers, and Music Producers Initiative is passionately dedicated to enhancing the

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At the heart of Nepal's vibrant music community stands the AMIN Association of Music Industries Nepal, serving as its cornerstone and driving force. As a member-centric non-profit entity, we unite a diverse collective of over 700 individuals across every dimension of the music industry. From artists and bands to studios, agents, managers, songwriters, venues, promoters, and producers, our membership represents the kaleidoscope of talent and expertise that defines Nepal's musical tapestry.


Within the realm of Nepal Music, we celebrate the boundless diversity of genres, welcoming everything from the raw intensity of rock to the soulful resonance of roots music, the rhythmic cadence of folk  to the fervent energy of hardcore, and the traditional melodies of country to the timeless allure of classical compositions. Our unwavering commitment to in exclusivity ensures that every musical expression finds a nurturing home within our association's embrace.


Through an extensive range of initiatives and services, we empower our members and champion the growth and sustainability of Nepal's music industry. From providing vital resources such as educational opportunities, communication platforms, and advocacy support to spearheading industry development projects and fostering collaborative networks, we are dedicated to propelling our industry forward. By cultivating talent, fostering cooperation, and fostering innovation, we are dedicated to propelling Nepal's music scene to unprecedented heights of success and acclaim on both national and global platforms.


It stands resolutely committed to the dual pursuit of fostering the preservation of Nepali music and combating the pervasive issue of piracy. Our organizational ethos is intricately woven with a steadfast dedication to conducting meticulous policy research aimed at fortifying the protection of the invaluable rights vested in music producers, recording studios, and publishers operating within the dynamic landscape of Nepal's private sector.


Functioning as a pivotal non-profit entity, the Nepal Music Industry Association serves as an indomitable unifying force, harmoniously bringing together a formidable cadre of more than 700 members who collectively champion the cause of Nepali music.



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